Anywhere but here.


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Some day I wish I disappear,
To a place: Anywhere but here,
Where monotony didn't define life,
And fitting in wasn't a strife.

Some day I wish I discover,
A place where I could hover,
With my thoughts and emotions unveiled,
Where scornful judgments are curtailed.

Some day I wish I Found,
The place that I belonged,
Where air filled with honest words;
And true passion ruled the worlds.

Some day I wish I leave,
To the place where I belong; I believe,
Where verbal conversations filled the place,
Sans digital screens with much grace.

Some day I wish I ran away,
To the place I don't go astray,
In following my dream,
And with sheer triumph I gleam.

Some day I wish I arrived,
At that place, with my soul that I've revived,
A place that I endear,
A place that is anywhere but here.

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  1. Who's stopping you Harshini...go find your dream. Go where your beautiful words take you. But keep writing. All the best!

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