Life goes on . Change is the only Constant.



Here I am, after a long long time. It has been ages since I penned down something, a year, to be precise. I wish I can come up with a valid justification for the long absence, I simply cannot think of anything, my thought process simply ceased to function for quite a while.

The past year has been a roller coaster ride, except I felt like a lifeless soul not being able to savour the beauty of it. I graduated, nothing to be very proud of, just like a million other average souls in the herd, Engineering, a bit too mainstream, especially for someone like me who wasn't sure of what I wanted to do down the lane. So like everyone else I graduated and bagged a job, I had a seven days break after my final exam, before I left to take up my job. How seven days can transform your life is a bit overwhelming for me to accept now. But I did the right thing, I preferred to stay back to do something I wanted to do. I took a break. Yes, a break that was very much needed, a break that paved a path for my future, and enlightened me and helped me grow as a person.  It is so true that in India we decide our careers after we complete Engineering, not all of us become Engineers in the process, for I at least want to engineer my life to the right path.I have a different outlook towards life now, of course a more positive one.

Being confined to myself, I have learned to accept life, as it is. Friends moved ahead in their careers, I felt isolated, only after a while I realised that the friend I needed the most had been with me, living under the same roof, my mother. Yes, conversations with her really helped me groom myself. She told me once, "The best companion you can ever have is yourself, your conscience". So true. How did I feel alone, she was there all the time, and always will be. But, the depth of her words is veracious. You can be your best judge and guide,for, no one knows you better than yourself.

And yeah, the title of this post says Life goes on, yes we are very much aware of it. Our clocks keep ticking, so does our biological clocks, we keep breathing and every moment we spend becomes our past, and it is very evident that what matters in this present moment, we may be unsure about what comes next, the roof above our head may collapse and we may stop breathing, we never know. So I have decided to savour every moment, no matter how bitter it may get, because I cannot get to experience that very moment again.

change-4-1imepyc-293x300.jpg (293×300)

And to the latter part, about the change, Change is constant, time changes, people change, we change. Life would be prettier if we learn to embrace the change with an open heart. I very well know I am not the same person I was last year, things that were funny back then no longer seems funny today, things which intrigued me back then no long affect me today. We are human beings, there is something wrong with our functionalities if we are not inclined to change. Accepting other people change is left to us, it is after all a personal choice whom we choose to retain along the journey, and a few choose to get down in the middle of our journey, all that matters is the destination. People come and go, a few companions remain forever by our side, a few in our hearts, a few people may also have been the reason for your change. But your sole companion throughout your existence is your conscience.

 I would Like to end here, I am done with the philosophy.

.... waiting to embrace a new life with a smile. Much optimism awaits.

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  1. All the best for your future! You have no choice but to enjoy what you ll be doing cos after all you ve chosen whatever you wanted to do :)

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