The No fear factor.


Before you read this post, do watch the video by mountain dew India which says "Acham thaandi ucham thodu"(in tamil) that means 'Raise above your fears and reach great heights'.

"What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?" -Vincet Van Gough. 

We all have our fears, we dread doing few things that we want to do. We cannot expect ourselves to be brave every time, we're human beings after all. For there are numerous terms for all the fears we have. What do we call it? Phobias, yeah! We fear water, we fear heights, we fear insects, then we fear socializing. What do we not fear? Is there anything at all that still hasn't fallen under the abcdefgh...z Phobia category? 

Well citing the quote again "What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?" . What would it be like to take no chances at all? What is it like to not over come our fears and make new life experiences? Living the same old boring life, without overcoming our fears is nothing but "useless".

I am a person who has Atychiphobia it is the fear of failure. I was that someone who would never take chances in life because I was afraid of failing. What would it be like to put all your efforts and still fail? It would make you feel awful. It was something which kept me from doing things I should have done. If I had taken those chances back then, my life would have been different. But now I have no regrets about the past either. 

Not just the failure part, but I also had and still have the fear of being judged and not being accepted. This held me back from being myself all the time. We all want to fit in. We do things we regret to fit in some place that is not meant for us. That should not be the case, we have to be loved for who we are and not for the person that we're trying to be. 

Disclaimer: Do not expect the post to be about doing adventurous stuff like sky diving... It is a plain boring tale of me overcoming my fears. 

It was the hectic period of the final year of college. Placements and my fear went hand in hand. There was a point of time where I had thought about giving up the idea of taking a job, when I had not even tried. Even though I knew I was capable, there was always this "what if I don't make it.." running on my mind all the time. I always had trouble finding friends at college and I had trouble socializing. All I have is three guy friends and I am often judged for it. I feared if I would be judged by those people who were going to offer me that job. I couldn't think of rejection. It would wreck me. So I thought I shouldn't try at all. 

I know it sounds ridiculous, who would dread failure. Well I do, I did. Until I was pushed into it, I was asked to break my barriers and over come my fears. 

I met this amazing HR at a mock interview that I attended, It was a life changing moment for me. He probably saw the fear etched deeply on my face, I began trembling and sweating profusely. I told him that I fear being rejected, I fear not seeing my name on the list of selected people. Well then  he told that "If people had feared failing they wouldn't have been remembered today. All the great achievers today, failed in the past, but still they never gave up. Do not be a coward and judge yourself that you would fail when you haven't even tried. Grow up and give it your shot not matter what happens, you've tried. There is always another chance.

I never realized that when I was afraid of being judged I was passively judging myself. I was fooling myself, it wasn't the others it was just me. I realized that I had a low self esteem and I kept lurking from trying. I must be a fool, I thought. 

On the day of the interview, I finally gave up all my fears and broke my barriers. I walked in the door, I wasn't sweating at all. I smiled. And I gave it a shot...

For that day I realized,
No matter what you do, be yourself,
Nobody can judge you,
It is just you who is judging yourself.
There is no place that you can hide,
 It is just your fears. 
Out grow your fears,
The world is yours to take on. 

.. I left the room with a smile, satisfied. I did not fear the result and just that day I saw me in everyone else who was nervous in the room. I laughed and walked away. There will be a day where each of us will overcome all our fears. For those who don't, they are simply wasting precious lives. Do not waste that little life span you have. There is not an eternity, it's just the time before we're all old start regretting and mourning over things we haven't done.

Have a mountain dew while you Raise above your fears to reach great heights. Do visit their facebook page Mountain dew India.  Grab your mountain dew today. I totally fell in love with that commercial and Arya of course :D

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  2. Wow Harshini! This one is amazing. You have put your experience and the lessons you learnt in such nice and understanding word .
    Stay beautiful :)

  3. Wishing you a very happy & Prosperous New Year ..Thanks for all the support! Keep writing! Keep lighting!…BEST PRAYERS FOR FUTURE!!

  4. Incredible! The fear of failure and its antidote have been very well portrayed in your blog! All the best!

  5. This is amazing. Keep writing like that and encouraging more people like you and me to break free of the fear shells and take the world head on. I will. Someday!
    Take care


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