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 Alright fellas, its been a long time since I stopped working out. Well exams are the most hectic workouts for a last-minuter like me. So after a month break from working out, I started today, and trust me I felt like doing it for the first time again, and I hate the pain when I start. It is like slow poison, I cannot sit, I cannot walk, I feel like I'm partially paralyzed every time I take a long term break from working out. 

 So my very advice to all those beginners out there would be: 

Dont stop working out. I know it can be a pain in your ass, but when you really start slogging your ass, and working out vigorously the outcome my friend, it is such bliss. 

Choose the best kind of workout for you. For me it is 30 minutes cardio after which I get really tired so I have to do something lighter so I go for a mild dance workout for another 30 minutes. 

Motivate yourself. I know the feel, when your body tells you to stop, never listen to it. Keep going. You need to achieve that goal of yours. Your dream is to stay fit, if you stop now you'll remain that couch potato that you used to be. Motivate yourself, keep yourself going. You can do it, girl. 

Watch your plate. This is nothing to do with dieting, I am a person who can never stay away from food. I rather choose to eat healthy. But cheating once a week is alright, but that day I workout extra calories. Its not too good to let them stay in. Junk is what you need to avoid most. 

  • Eat slowly, chew your food properly. That way you trick your mind that you've been eating for a long time, so you might feel full.
  • Drink a lot of water. I know this is the most common thing everybody tells, but I know we've been neglecting it. Carry a bottle with you always. 
  • Say no to junk. Your skin and your body will thank you. 
Don't skip your meal. Skipping breakfast and lunch, it makes you weak and it helps you in no way to lose weight. I would rather choose to eat healthy. My breakfast is milk and cereal. Also I munch on light snacks when ever I am hungry, which is mainly fruits.

Maintain a planner. Plan your workout, even if you're caught up in a tight schedule never miss out a workout. Even if you do, compensate. Because I now regret for skipping my workouts, I've gained extra pounds. :/

Sleep right and stay healthy. Being sleep deprived makes you unhealthy, well ask me about my sleepless exam nights when I keep eating to keep me up, it made me gain weight. I know it is so unhealthy to do. Sleep at night, not during the day or right after your meal. 

Above all workout today, don't keep it for tomorrow. 

Here is some funny motivation, I found. :D 






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  1. I second the suggestion to not stop working out. I took a break for most of the spring because life got in the way, and I am paying for it now that I'm trying to start back. Motivation (or lack of motivation) is my biggest problem; although looking at the scale should be motivation enough.

  2. This is the great tips i've ever read.This is really inspiring and motivating site of weight loss.And im thankful ive found this.This is true and i agree.Thanks for posting your post is really helpful to us.

  3. Great tips. I find at my age with my health problems I can't start exercising (much less 'working out') until I've put myself on a sound, low-carbohydrate diet for at least a week. The initial weight loss and higher energy levels from that make exercising possible for me.

  4. Hi, visiting from the A-Z Road Trip. I've been exercising and eating healthier for about 6 months now and it's definitely worth the effort :)

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