Be crazy. Be Brave.


   Now that teenage,the most amazing phase of life is almost going to end why don't we make the last few days of our teens fun. When was the last that you had so much fun and you enjoyed yourself to the fullest?
We are often too busy with our monotonous lives and we almost have zero fun( this implies to budding Engineers with boring lives like mine). Life without fun is like eating food with no spice added to it, it is tasteless.

       Be crazy, Be a maniac, Be yourself. 'BE all that which makes you complete'.

     Life is too short to have any regrets. There are a few thing which can be done during your teenage, that which you cannot do in the latter part of your life.


                   Be BRAVE, take chances, do something different which you have never done. Life can never be plain boring, do something which will fill in that hollowness withing yourself. When you look back at the splendid memories you have made during your teenage, you must be content.    

        Unleash your inner self, be that crazy person who is always fun and loved by everyone. Be all that you want to be, because once you're into your 20s you have to become all responsible. The few memories you etch in your hearts during your teens will make you smile someday.

   Be yourself.   Keep smiling.

    Pardon my very short posts,off late. Writing a post when in class, you know, it's a pain in the ass.


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  1. Fun post :) Ah, to be a teenager again, lol.

    Finley Jayne

  2. After reading ur blog every bcmes ur me :::....


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