Acknowledge yourself.


   As we're getting close to the most important phase of our lives, do we really know ourselves? Adolescence is almost over, it is time to discover ourselves. Are we really the person whom we think we are?

    Remember that being independent is something which is vital during the twenties, it's time to let go of the pampered child in us. Every single time it is our decision which is going to matter, so it is important to make the right decision. In every aspect we need to know ourselves better inorder to make the right choices in life.

    Knowing ourselves really well would mould our lives in a better shape. Take time to reflect on your life so far and get to know yourself. Stay happy and keep smiling. :D

        April fool someone. Today being the 1st of April, fortunately no big damage happened to me, I wasn't fooled by anyone. The real fun lies in fooling someone. Here is what I did to fool a bunch of my foodie best friends :D

       Toothpaste oreo, I filled in a pack of oreos with toothpaste. And hey, you can never make out the difference until you bite into the oreo wanting to taste the delicious creamy centre. mwahahahahaha. I know it was evil. But it's definitely worth trying if you have the patience and time and if you're ready to lick all the cream. ^.^


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  1. Do you work on the Today Show? The toothpaste Oreo was a trick they played on the hosts there. I don't thing anyone pranked me yesterday, but the jury is still out. A friend announced her engagement yesterday. Still need to check that out.

    1. I dont work on that show! :/
      It's a pretty famous and a common tirck!

  2. Quite the trickster, aren't you?


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