When people call you fat! It's time to work out!


      That horrendous feeling that makes you clench your fist, when someone calls you fat. That is the time when you get all the motivation to work out and lose weight. But I know that feel when you look at the couch and a bag of chips, workout? NO!!

      Being a couch potato and a foodie(junk mostly) like I am, I know it is really difficult to cut out the junk and start working out. At the same time when I look at those hot girls in shorts and sexy outfits my whole body releases raging hormones buring in jealousy. But What if I could burn calories when this happens everytime. I bet I would become the fittest girl on the planet.  

      But the right thing is to stay fit rather than fuming at someone who has tired hard to attain that super sexy body. There are times in life where we have to make a few sacrifices to become who you want to be.


   Staying fit just does not mean losing weight, it means a  lot more. The reasons I feel that makes me wanna stay fit.

* I lack stamina. I start panting and breathing hard after a 10 minute walk.
* I wanna feel good and get those sexy curves. Feeling fit is the best feeling in the whole damn universe.

    I just realized that working out rejuvenates your hormones and those three deadly days of the month can no more be a nightmare, no more terrible cramps.

      Being an engineering student who is always mutli-tasking, going to a gym is an added burden to my jam-packed schedule.I prefer working out at home.

Always Remember to choose the right type of work out which suits you the best. I prefer cardioburn workouts. And when you get too tired that's when you know, that you're doing it right. Never give up. Burn out those extra calories and get into a perfect shape.

      I know there are a lot of fitness mantras out there. But all I want to convey is, self love is good my dear girls, but self love would imply saving yourself from dangers and cutting out the junk. Being a couch potato is good, but when you realize that you're not able to climb 5 floors to class everyday, it's a shame.

     Yes from this day, I pledge to cut the junk out off my plate.

                                       FITNESS MOTIVATIONS!








                        I'm not really fat, I'm not fit. But when people call me fat, I want to prove to them that I am not fat.



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  1. Wait, did you say you were an Engineering Student! Well, engineering itself is a big workout session. #justSaying

    But, nice pointers. Thanks for the lil' motivation. :D

    1. Hahahaha! Engineering in a college with great canteens, it's not really a big workout session :P
      And I'm happy that you're motivated :D

  2. I need motivation. I hope this great work of yours works out for me. :)

    1. I would be happy if you're inspired by this little piece of mine :)


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