Untold stories.


  "I dont have the words", she said to herself. She felt not so comfortable, but she was getting used to this feeling.She had a terrible feeling that resided between her lungs made her gasp air every moment. She tried to remain nonchalant and tried to breathe. She wasn't aware why her mind was disfunctional. Words simply did not flaunt out of her mind.

    Explaining the feeling of not being able to talk her heart out, was like holding the Pacific ocean in her palm. It was so impossible to express herself. Explaining her problem was like reasoning her existence on this planet. Or questioning why her hearts beat. There was so much heaped up inside her brain. She kept pretending and pretending, but she wasn't pretending. The truth was that she knew something which she couldn't say.

    She was caught up in the labyrinth. She thought she was lost.But she could find her way out, if she stood up against her sanity. She was feeling torn apart in herself by keeping too many secrets and messing up her thought process.

  We all have a lot of things we want to say, but we simply cannot. In that way our sanity keeps dying inside us every single day.

   Words are overrated. It is totally confounding where we have to be aware of every word we talk. Sometimes speaking our hearts out is like the feeling between waking up after a dream, where we aren't sure if we were awake or really dreaming. It is a farrago of confusion, every little emotion that we have snarled up into a complex mess of dreams and thoughts.

  If only we could tell everyone everything that we know or think. We'll have to keep defeding ourselves and saving ourselves from being misunderstood everyday. It is sometimes good to act like we're empty. We all have so many words, but we still don't have the right words. 

      A sincere apology for not having been here for a long time due to a few technical difficutlies my brain had to face. I know it is really shameful, but it's sometimes good to take a break. I had to recharge my brain.

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  1. we sure have many untold thoughts and Stories
    welcome back on ur blog :) And thanks for visiting mine !

  2. A break, long or short, is a definite necessity. Welcome back Harshini!

    1. Yeah we all need a break at sometime :)
      Thank you :D

  3. on a good note, welcome back Harshini :)

  4. Cant wait to find out all the new stories thats popping up in the new recharged brain of yours. Welcome Back :D

    1. I can't wait to pen them all down :)
      Thank you :)

  5. A break is never a waste of time :)
    Welcome aboard Captain Naidu :D


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