Dear civilized men! I don't understand you!


  Dear civilzed men.. uh sorry boys. Wait,why am I calling them civilized, I have no clue. Bad sarcasm :/ Now pardon me and the title.There are a number of things which women point out that they dont understand about men ,oh sorry,boys.. I dont understand a few things as well.


  1 PULL YOUR PANTS UP! : The one thing that I never understand about boys is their panty line logic. I would really like to know who the hell on earth is even going to notice what brand underpants you are wearing? No one cares if you're wearing a the costliest pair of undergarments, why dont you simply hide it under your pants? I seriously never want to have a look at those horrible butt cracks, not even accidentally. This is the most annoying thing that guys do in public places that I can never stand.

2 THE EYE-RAPISTS: Now this is another annoying habbit these guys possess. The way they stare daggers at a girl is so disgusting. Do you think that girls are aliens from someother planet? Why do you stare like you haven't seen them all your life. *sigh*

3 THE STUNT MASTERS: Hey fellow, I know that you own the costliest bike in town, a hayabusa,an r15.Yeah, good for you. We're all waiting patiently for the traffic lights to go green, but you my son, why are you so impatient? Who is giving you an award for riding so fast when hundreds of other vechicles are on the road? Are you trying to show off? Well,I don't know when you're gonna break that poor skull of yours protecting your lame brain.

4 THE COMMENTATORS: Yes these guys are everywhere. They stand on the roads like they own them, and make lewd comments about every girl who's passing by. Hey fellow, do you think you're flawless? I guess you're 'mirror-blinded'. Look at yourself,boy. Look at how pathetic and jobless you are being in the first place. :/

5 THE GAMERS: This is one thing which no girl ever can understand. The connection between men and video games is a mystery. I know you people are indulged into the game, ok but I never understand how you keep playing the same game for hours together :/

   I never understand the happiness people gain in doing stupid stuff. Well I hope a few people start becoming civilized.

  This post isn't addressed to anyone in particular. 

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  1. You are awesome. The way you have written, I could laugh out especially for the 1st point you mentioned. Boys!

  2. Too generalized Harshini, entirely so. Unexpected from you.


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