We walk towards immunity.


   She sat on her little rocking chair,by the window as the rain poured down. She was covered in a cute little sweater and the hood of the sweater covered her ears as well. The climate was too irresistible, that it kept pulling every nerve of her to play. She quietly stepped up,got outside and began to sense the feel of bliss as she played in the nature's shower. She was happy and filled with smiles. Happiness did not last long, as she saw her mother approaching towards her, she quickly ran inside the house and hid herself behind the door.

  "NEETA!", Nithu, her mother yelled. "Don't make me come after you", her voice was so stern that forced neeta to face her mother. "Mom, it was just once, I did not play for long. Promise", she said. "Look at yourself you're all drenched in rain, and look at this mess, your sweater. You already had flu", words kept flowing out of this furious mother's mouth. "What a mess my kid is, the cold is going to get even worse", she murmered to her friend, Neha, as she undid Neeta's wet clothes and put on fresh one's.

   "Nithu, look at how innocent she is, and come on! She is just a kid, what is she supposed to do", Neha said smiling at little Neeta. "You never know Neha,kids do stuff that will make them sick for days, I have a tough time managing her", she gasped.

   "Now listen up, it's not her fault that she falls sick. She is only 6, for pete's sake. It's the age where her body is having a tough time fighting germs and building immunity cells. It is your duty, that you have to help her fight these dirty viruses that make her sick".

  "Now, what am I supposed to do?" Nithu raised her eyebrows. "It's pretty simple, Now here are a few things that you and our little Neeta has to follow, so our little soldier keeps getting stronger", Neha said smiling at Neeta again.




         "Wow, I guess I could no longer fear or even dream of Neeta falling sick", Nithu seemed relieved.
 "Aaha, Practice makes perfect! If you keep following it I bet you will definitely find a difference".
"With Neeta being an adamant kid saying no to vegetables, I guess chyawanprash could help me do a better job", Nithu smiled as little Neeta said, "I will not fall sick mom, I promise" Neha was elated as she saw Nithu and Neeta hugged each other happily.


       A Healthy Child is every Parent's dream. I know, a mother's worst nightmare could be her child falling sick. But with a healthy lifestyle, proper food habits and clean environment we can forget the fear of illness and infections.  Kids these days fall sick quite often. Caugh, Cold, fever are the most common infections they are exposed to in crowded places like school. A child is born with a pretty good immune system. It must not be let to decline. No one would like to see their child as a diabetic or a cardiac patient in the future.
    The little habits of hygine and a healthy lifestyle is what will protect one from the most deadly diseases in the future. Who would like to live with diabetes and cardiac problems, and fear every spoon of food that enters the mouth! why not put a fullstop to it in the very early stages? Kids these days are prone to improper and unhealthy habits. Staying up late, eating junk, skipping outdoor games they cause a gradual decrease of the immunity, as a result of which they are liable to infections. A child with a proper hygine and a good lifestyle would turn out to be a healthy grownup of tomorrow. Also using natural products like dabur chyawanprush will really help to boost the immune system and keep a child safe.
          This could be an end to "I'm not going to school, mom"
                                               "Mom,I feel sick"
                                                "Stay at home, you're down with fever".

                                                                 An Immune India? 

        An immune India? Is it really possible? It has always been a question on my mind. Where there are a million happy families in India ,there are also a million families living below the poverty line as well. For the parents of those kids who suffer from malnutrition it is enough if they fill their stomach with food. Does it even matter if the food is nutritious or not. We all know the answer. So is there any feasible solution to making India immune on a whole? Sadly, the truth is no.
      Good personal hygiene is the basis of an innume and a healthy person. Hygiene in the slums of India is a very big question. With people living next to huge drains and piles of garbage.

  However, there might be a balanced meal for less than rupees 15 available in India, but are the people in need aware of that? How many kids are able to have at least one meal a day? How many kids get their vaccinations from time to time? How many innocent kids are being diagnosed with cancer and HIV right after they are born? There are so many people who are unaware that their kids can be protected from HIV viruses. The truth is appalling. We keep begging for a change.

              A healthy country isn't where the wealthy become healthier. 
              A healthy country is where every individual gets their stomach filled. 
              A healthy country is where every individual is healthy. 

    The only solution to an immune India is when India does not become immune to the needs of the needy.

                                            If we need a change, We must CONTRIBUTE.

     A change does not happen overnight. It happens when each one of us begin to contribute towards a change. I know it is pretty arduous fixing a few issuses. On our part we have to make people aware that there is a path for them and their kids to become healthier. A child is a nation's treasure, we have to do our best to safegaurd it. For a today's child might become a nation's superhero.

           An immune India- This is a dream which must possibly happen someday or the other. For that to happen, we shall sow little seeds and contribute our part to make those little souls healthy and happy.

                                          Our kids must be taught not to waste food.
                 There are many kids who don't get to even fill their tummies properly with good food.

                                    Following all the golden rules and a kind heart to help out a few kids in need, helping them build better immunity,here we walk towards an immune India.

        This post is written for indiblogger's An immune India Contest associated with dabur chyawanprash. Please visit their website Dabur Chyawanprash .

                       The characters are fictional and developed from my own personal experience. all rights resereved.

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  1. Hey. It was indeed a wonderful way to guide how to have a strong immunity.

    Kudos to strong immunity. :)

  2. Good post! When I read about juices replacing sodas I was reminded of something I see nowadays.. Many parents feed their kids canned juices which are good once in a while but not as a permanent option... The amount of sugar in those canned ones are equally bad..
    All the best :-)

    An Active India... A Stronger India

    1. Thank you for stopping by :)
      And yes I know canned juices are bad! I was talking about fresh juices, canned ones are obviously not fresh! and I hope this isn't misleading! :/
      And thank you :D

  3. A lot of these pieces of advice could benefit adults as well! How I hate being a victim of passive smoking! Smokers need to have some consideration over those whom they pass on their smoke.

    1. Yeah that really is an issue! :/ innocent people dying of cancer! :/

  4. Can not resist reading a post which begins with a story, and this one is well crafted and well told. Goodluck Harshini!

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  5. Informative post! all rules are important rules here :)

  6. Harshini Naidu madam

    Namaste. Excellent presentation on Immune System. Thanks for sharing this.

    Harshini Naidu madam while observing your blog i came to know that you have multiple talents like multi tasking computer. Harshini Naidu madam you are sharing health thoughts, food recipes, quotations, your firm opinions about life, moral and human values etc. It is really great.

    Harshini Naidu madam best wishes for your career and personal goals.

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  7. Really loved the way you moved from the story to the suggestions. Lovely post. All the best for the contest!

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  8. Loved this post :)
    Keep writing (Y)


  9. I like your rules but everytime I decide to follow some of them, my resolutions kind of falls flat on their face in a few days time. :(

    Pages off Life


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