It's a Liebster Award. *Tada*


  Thank you Nikhil, The Afficionado. A blog that suits the title I must say. *thumbs up* This is my first liebster for this blog. I had another blog earlier, which I had to delete due to a few reasons. Thank you. *bows*

    I came across this guy, when I went through a bunch of Gravity(movie) reviews. I loved the genuine review. And Guess what? I watched the movie too. Now I watched a movie and I am nominated for the Libster. Wow, amazing isn't it? . *GRINS*


WHAT IS LIEBSTER AWARD ? – Liebster is German and means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcomeIt is said that , the Liebster Blog Award started in Germany(probably) & is used to highlight new/recent/lesser known blogs or let say blogs with less than 200 followers.
HOW A LIEBSTER AWARD WORKS ? - The Liebster is an award you accept with the intention of paying it forward. When you get nominated ,you have 10 questions to answer .Answer them ,then create 10 more questions &  choose 10 more bloggers whom you feel are deserving of more subscribers & you pass the award on to them.
*Don't term me a plagiarist. I had to copy paste that* 

I love answering questions. I dunno for some reason it feels nice. 

1.If you get an option to change your name, what would your new name be? 
  I already like my name "Harshini". But if I had to change it I fancy the Shakespearean and the Mythical names "Viola, Portia, Giselle,Ariel" Any one of these. (never juliet) :P
2.Why do you blog & what keeps you going on? 
 Sit back, I've a story to tell. 
I started blogging because I found writing is something I am capable of doing. A few people are artists,dancers,musicians. And you would probably have something like that in you. That's called a talent. I started writing when I was really young say 4th grade. I wrote essays for competitions and I was appreciated for the innovative ideas I came up with. And with me being introduced to the world of internet, I found "blogspot" was a place where I could write up something once in a while, where people could read it. Like why would you have to simply hide it in your journal. Also I get to learn a alot through blogging. 
What keeps me going is because I like doing it. 

3.Of all the places you've visited what's your favourite place and why? 
I've never travelled to many places actually. It was my grandma's place in Andhra Pradhesh during summer, like all the time. But we had a vacation once in a blue moon. I love my uncle's resort in Kodaikannal. It's simply serene and calm there. Oh and the weather, bliss. :D 

4. Anything that you would change about yourself? 
My temper. :I 
5.Five random facts about yourself that most people do not know.
         -I'm obsessed with good smelling lip balms.
         -I do fight often, but I give up easily :P
         -I have bad temper.
         -I love strawberries
         -I'm a ninja .. Just kidding. I hate engineering. :/
6.Favourite show/movie/book?
  How I met your mother,revenge and how could I forget F.R.I.E.N.D.S. :D 
Movies would be A walk to remember,The Vow,when Harry met Sally.., definitely, maybe, inception, prestige. I've a long list :/
I heart Newyork, The DaVinci code, Anything ofNicholas Sparks and sidney sheldon I'd love.

7. One particular thing you miss from your chilhood days? 
A lot of things, but one thing I could think of now is,
Cartoon Network. I mean Tom and jerry on tv everyday, powerpuff girls :/ Who doesn't miss those shows :/

8.If you had one wish what would it be? 
 I'd wish that India would be ruled by "real Indians with good brains", and use their brains for the good. S#!@ when would India become like the USA. *i'll keep dreaming*

9. Awesome moment that you can never forget? 
When I got my first phone, 8th grade. It was a big deal, then :') 

10. If you had one superpower what would it be?
I dont want any superpowers but I need an invisibility cloak like real bad :/ 

I just poured my heart out. Thank you, Man! :')

My nominees would be. I really like reading these blogs. :'D

Garima Nag- Sweet Sharing
Farzana and Aliasgar Mukhtiar- Farzana and Aliasgar Mukhtiar
Indrani- Frozen Moments
Afshan shaik- The Pensive
Sri Valli- Poetry-my feelings
Lubiana-When It Rains
Tanmaya Kharyal -Purple Shades
Here is the award. *drum roll*

You people have really good blogs, I'd love to read more from all of you. And also I'd love to see more great pictures from the photoblogs :) Rock on. :D
I'd love it if you people spare sometime and answer these questions.
1. If you could describe yourself in one word, what would it be? 
2. If you could be a movie star for a day, who would you be?
3.What would you do with a million dollars?
4.What is the best gift you were ever given?
5.Where would your dream vacation be?
6.What is your biggest nightmare?
7.If you could one thing for a week, what would it be?
8.Your best attribute?
9. Describe your ideal day.
10.Why do you blog?

Thank you lovies. Stay blessed :)
And don't forget to pass it on :D


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  1. Most Welcome Harshini!:)
    A much deserved one indeed.
    Frankly speaking...reading your amazing,straight from the heart & fun answers was more exciting than even creating the questions:p. After reading I was like:"Yep, I did create a good trivia but man......this gal gave some real awesome answers!":)
    Keep blogging! :D
    Carpe Diem!:) :)

  2. hey its a cool post and good to know more about you. Congratulations and many thanks for sharing your award moment with me.. *excited* :D

  3. Congrats for your Leibster Award Harshini !!

  4., you are mentioned here

    1. You deserve it :)
      And thank you for the mention :)

  5. Many congrats Harshini . YIPPIE :D . And thank you very much for nominating me . I hope we keep inspiring each other for years to come . Happy Diwali :)

  6. Thank you Harshini for honoring me with this award. I'll try my best to follow the rules and publish a post regarding the same.

  7. Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou ^___^

  8. I passed it on :)

  9. First of all i am coming here for the very first time and i was very surprised when you gave me this award.Thank you so much.I am glad you found me worthy of this.I will get back to the questions and claim the award on my blog as soon as i am able to get a stable browser.Thank you so much once again :)

    1. I blogged under a different name earlier! :)
      I am your regular stalker :)
      You deserved a mention :)

  10. Congratulations! And it was nice reading some things about you. :-)


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