I'm not what I appear to be.


    Sometimes when I feel lost in the labyrinth called "my life". I start to think that maybe I'm not fit to survive this serious ultimatum. I tend to look at myself in the mirror and think what makes the others better than I am. My face seems to look perfectly fine.
    It's pretty natural that sometimes we feel ugly and unworthy of anyone's love. I cannot always be an optimist. The negative hormones get heated up and reaches every nook and corner of my body.I know that I'm bearable. People tend to compliment me for my looks and the way I carry myself. But on the other hand, there are people who call me a "bitch", and pass filthy comments about my appearance. Though you try to remain nonchalant, it bothers you somewhere at the bottom. Which eventually triggers a emotional disrupt.

   This shows how appearances matter to people.How can one easily judge a book by it's cover. It's so funny how a good looking person can become "An attitude bitch", and how a normal looking person can become "An ugly bitch".

   I wish sometimes people could just understand that the heart is what makes a person beautiful. We have to seek for goodness in a person. And I want people to connect with me for who I am on the inside. I know the inner beauty alone does not make you "Miss.World". Appearances do matter for the materialistic things. But relationships cannot be built on appearances. It is like building sand castles, which will eventually get destroyed.
    I might be a princess in the sight of one person, and an ugly witch for another. All I ask for is not to judge someone, having zero knowledge about them. Maybe the one you throw away,might be the best person for you.

   All the princesses in the fairy tales don't just look good,but they're beautiful. I have to confess that I'm a person who is concerned about looking good,too. Com'on who doesn't want to look good. But all that matters is to be beautiful. And feeling good and beautiful must flow from the inside of oneself, I feel.

  I say,the captivating looks might be venomous.And the not-so-captivating looks might be the sweetest. Never judge someone by their looks. Looks are always deceptive. Everyone is beautiful in their own way.

    Live. Love. And discover your own inner universe. That's where the real beauty lies. :D

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  1. Bravo . what a powerful message . Beauty & beyond !! Love your idea . Thx for sharing

  2. beautiful and a powerful post.. good one :)

  3. there perhaps is no better recharger like oneself ...

    1. that's so true! :D
      We gotta learn to soothe ourselves :D

  4. Nobody's what they appear to be . Rare have the perfect balance between the inside & outside.
    Loved your take on the "Don't judge a book by it's cover" thing.
    Well written Harshini!:)


    1. First of all, thanks for stopping by :)
      And yes, nobody is what they appear to be :) If a person is so then he/she would be the most perfect being :D
      Thank you

  5. I wrote a similar post few months ago. This is very beautifully written and had a powerful message in it.

  6. Hey you! My Liebster Blog Award Nominee! :D
    I am glad to tell you that , I have nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award on my blog.:)
    Please check out the following link & go through the rules & guidelines for accepting the award.:)


  7. If everybody looks more into the beauty of the heart, then this world would be a much better place. Sadly, a lot of people tend to focus more on the superficial; society dictates what is beautiful or not and people believe such lies.

    Lubaina is right. You do have a lovely blog. I found yours through hers. And I'm glad I did. Following you now. :-)

  8. H, there are days that are from springtime and then there is autumn before it all freezes down. Amidst all this, each one of have to live and love ourselves. The mirror is in or minds.

  9. Beautiful post!! :) I totally agree that one should see inner beauty of others as looks are always deceptive.
    Your blog is great!! :) I also found your blog through Lubaina's blog.Now I will follow it as it is worth of following :) :).


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