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"What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." - William Shakespeare. 
  Everyone of us fancy living in a home enveloped in a garden and feel the serene beauty of nature. We dream waking up in the morning as we inhale the essence of pleasant smelling nature. Everyone of us want to be living a fairy-tale life. But the reality makes us stay away from it. We wake up in the morning and feel nauseous, with the smell of our nasty rooms.

  Living in a home filled with a bunch of lazy office going and college going people, I am concerned about the way how my home smells. The smell is what a person notices as they enter someone's house. No one likes a house to be smelling like a trash can with rotten food. No one wants to inhale the noxious smell in your house.However we try to get rid of the stink, it refuses to leave us.

  To live in a pleasant environment, I have the habit of using room fresheners, instead of the aroma sticks and candles.Who wants to be spending a fortune on those stuff which will not last longer. Room fresheners are meant be everyone's best friend. Who wouldn't prefer them when they emit fragrance by simply spraying them around the house. 
   I am pretty sure it is a coincidence that Ambi Pur has always been my favourite air freshener. I've been using the Ambi pur's blossom and breeze since ages. I was excited as I saw Ambi pur had samples up for review on IndiBlogger. I applied for the Set and Refresh sample as I have not tried it before. I also ran into the stores and purchased a sample and tried it. 
   Ambi pur has amazing products to make your home smell pleasant. The product I received was Ambi pur's Lavender Vanilla and comfort . Many room fresheners have a strong flavor and makes your head spin. But trust me, Lavender Vanilla and comfort, as the name suggests it really is comforting. 
I was really surprised looking at the simple set up. I expected it to be a complicated process setting it up. Being honest I really did wonder if it would work properly.

  After reading the directions a number of times, I followed what was given on the outlet. I let the refill glide inside the container which holds it. It can be placed anywhere in your home.I left if on my study desk and trust me it feels so refreshing and relaxing to just sit there. 

  It claims to be effective in small places, but I left one in the hallway and it did work effectively in a much bigger space as well. If you want to allow more freshness, you could just pull the bottom of the kit and fresh air flows out of the holes provided behind. 

  I was really surprised how people who came home, appreciate the pleasing fragrance that came out of my new air freshener. It is not overpowering and does not smell like many cheap air fresheners do. It is rather comforting and refreshing. 

 Coming to the flavours, I am quite allergic to strong floral scents, they give me an immediate head ache.Ambi pur's Blossom and breeze isn't the kind of a floral scent that I would get rid of, it is not strong but smells like pleasant roses. 
 Lavender and vanilla comfort topped my list, I am totally in love with this cute looking, awesome smelling room freshener ( how I wish it were a guy) :P 

what my lavendar and vanilla comfort really is :D 
 Talking about the cost it is pretty economical and it is worth the money we spend on it. I highly recommend this SET AND REFRESH product. Believe me, it's comfort and relaxation in a tiny kit. I will be buying more of them for my other rooms as well. I am very much impressed by this product. Try it for sure and you will see how it turns your home from a smelly to a smiley place. :D

Price: Rs.220
Quantity: 5.5ml
 60 days of freshness (it claims) I haven't tried it for so many days. you can get the refill in any store next to your place.

 This product is all that I want a room freshener to do. Thank you AmbiPur for creating such an amazing product. Affordable and effective.And the quote I mentioned above, anything that smells pleasant at home is from the name AmbiPur.

         Do use it and see how it replaces the stink of a sock, shoes, rotten vegetable and anything that makes someone puke with a pleasing and soothing aroma. It changes your house from a trash can to a castle :D 

 This post is written for the Ambi pur home range contest, I received a sample and tired it.I fell in love with it.

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