I Love myself.


       How many times in the past few days you've told yourself that you love yourself? Do you compliment yourself often? It is common that along the long haul, we often forget to love ourselves. It does not require to always succumb ourselves to the everyday hustle-bustle and spare no time to be us.
     The greater your self esteem is, a greater person you will be. With you being a self obsessed person, people might be judgmental. No one is always right. No one is perfect. Everyone is their own hero in their self-confined space. Loving your self would help you gain confidence. The more you believe yourself, the more happy you will be. Your best acquaintance would be yourself.


 A glance at the mirror in the morning and a smile on your lips, could just be the best start for the day. 
 ☺ Let go of the ego, for in your world you are the best. 
 ☺Don't be judgmental, every person is unique in their own way.
 ☺ Don't take criticisms seriously, if they are hurtful.
 No body could blame your uniqueness. 
 ☺Be a person of constructive words, words are really precious to keep wasting them.
 Learn to say no. 
Fall in love, essentially with yourself.
 Be unique in your own way.
 Avoid imitating, but get inspired. 

     I am unsure how many of you have smiled today.Look at yourself smile and say, "I love you" . No matter how bitter life is, you could always make it sweet." I.Me.Myself" isn't always a bad thing.

 *hugs* :D :D


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  1. I love what you've written :)
    But, too much self-esteem is not good either, right? Gets the person proud and over-confident.

    A balanced deal will do good though :)

    1. Thank you for the kind words :)
      And that is so true :D

  2. True that! Thanks for following my blog! Nice space you got here.

  3. Very true. Enjoyed reading this post :)
    xoxo <3


  4. What an inspiring post with lovely complimenting pictures!

  5. Yes at the end and starting of the day reminding yourself that their is no other better lover for yourself other than you is a very good thing.I like this post.Stating and inspiring self-love.

    1. It's the most essential thing to do everyday :D self love is the best love :D


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