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   It was back in 2002, I turned eight that day.The loud alarm's buzz woke me up, I got out of my bed and walked out. I sat on the steps leading to the long veranda at my nanna's house. I was such an adamant kid,back then. I saw my nanna walk towards me, she embraced me in her arms and wished me, "Happy birthday honey, you're a big girl now". I turned away from her, she knew it was my usual tantrum when I wanted something.

With her arms still around me, she kissed me and asked,"What is it sweetheart?".

"Don't you know, nanna?" , I frowned looking down, " You promised to get me Bruno". I fancied having a pet dog and naming it Bruno. She smiled at me as she sat me beside her, "First we bake cakes, then we'll talk about Bruno".

 I always loved my nanna, for she was a strong lady. Taking care of my grandpa and running the daily chores, she never got tired.She was a culinary expert. A goddess in disguise.

  I saw my grandpa in the hall,a thick shawl around his neck and he always wore black glasses. "Grandpa" I ran to him, "Happy birthday my beautiful princess",he said."Thank you big man", I said as I climbed up his lap. I loved sitting on his lap and reading him my story books. My grandpa was visually impaired. "Mmmm, That smell! Cake!", he exclaimed. I always wondered how my grandpa could sense it right, in spite of his disability.

   I spent the afternoon helping my nanna in the kitchen,making cupcakes.But I was occupied with Bruno's arrival.

 The rain started pouring down, and I was with my grandpa in the corridor. "How could you see and always see it right, grandpa?" I asked him like an idiot. "Well dear, God plunged my sight away, but I can see beyond my inability,I could feel, I could sense and I could smell, better than anybody else", he explained. He taught me how good it feels when the majestic drops of water from the sky meet the dry ground, the smell of wet mud, heavenly. I was able to feel it that day, with my eyes closed I tried to live in my grandpa's world, I could hear the very minute 'pitter patter of rain', also as I inhaled the fragrance, I felt divine.

  Later in the evening, there was a cute little party arranged.As I inhaled the sweet essence of vanilla from the just baked cake, I saw my nanna walk in. It was the best birthday cake ever, prepared with utter care and love. I loved the smell of fresh cream icing, it smelt like chocolate. As I blew the birthday candles, I wished I got Bruno and I stayed with the grandparents for long.

 Time went fast, my longing for Bruno grew.I was desperate to have him.I found no signs of him, I was happy about the celebrations, but I was sad that I couldn't him.

 I frowned and decided to go to bed, and walked towards my room.

  Later that night I found a basket in my room, and to my surprise there was Bruno.Excitement captured by world,I was ruled my happiness. I jumped in joy,words cannot define that moment of bliss.I ran to my grandparents and treated them with a tight hug, and thanked them.

   I totally fell in love with Bruno. I kept him with me every minute,everyday. I was such a lucky kid.

As I think of those days, tears smear down my eyes. Every time it rains or I pass by a baker's place, those amazing days flash on my inward eye. I truly miss them, nanna and grandpa.

My grandpa taught me to feel anything that makes me happy, that transformed my world, I started feeling my world, I actually started living it true to my heart

 Any fragrance I love was etched deep in my heart.The smell of baby powder reminds me of my baby sister. 
The smell of lavender reminds me of the scent my mother used a long time back.
 The smell of fresh flowers reminds me of the greenery at my granpa's home.
 The smell of popcorn reminds me of how I used to long for it.And also the smell of fresh boiled corn, it was simply mouth watering. 
 The smell of fresh milk brings back the memories when my nanna used to prepare tons of sweets. How she used to try hard to keep them away from me, until we prayed during festivals. 

  The smell of incense sticks reminds me of those glorious festival days and the long poojas at home.

   I know this might sound weird, but the smell(stink) of dogs, the bad odor of the waste makes me think of Bruno. 
I'm left with ambivalent emotions, I miss my grandparents, they're not mine anymore. But they keep living in the world through my memories, and they keep reminding me of them every now and then. And I'm happy that they've moulded me to who I am today.

   Every person we meet or any place we visit leaves our memory with a tinge of smell along with the picture which would be imprinted in our mind. We could not feel the real taste of food, if we cannot smell it. It is truly amazing how we could recognize someone with their smell, without even looking at them and how our memory is capable of recollecting and relating everything with it's smell.

  This post is written for Ambipur's Smelly to smiley contest . Thank you ambipur for helping me walk down the memory lane. Also helping me relive the fragrance of the fresh blossoms and the natural skies. A good smelling home has a soothing effect on anyone.
        The image isn't mine. If it has to be removed kindly notify me. 

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  1. Hey dear. This one is really nice. It made me nostalgic. You write it down so pure. Keep it up . Love. <3

  2. While reading the whole post, my mind kept doubting if it was a work of fiction. It was so beautifully written. Is Bruno still with you?

    1. It isn't fiction! and thank you so much :D And I don't wish to talk about Bruno!


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