Birthdays and smiles :D


       Birthdays always make me desperately wait for them. The surprises in boxes, love expressed in the form of words and ofcourse the celebrations, who doesn't love birthdays? I turned 19 last week, to be honest I was desperately waiting for my birthday. Just the text messages from my loved ones make me go *woohooo* and the nonstop never ending late night birthday wishes, they make me realize how much I mean to these people.

      Birthdays may not always be the "best" day with tons of people around you, rejoicing the day you were born. No, sometimes it could be just yourself, curled up in your bed reading a book and listening to your favourite song. Life makes you taste the flavours it has in stock for you. Sometimes you have to learn to live with the least of what you have, but still make the best out of it. Maybe the best person to soothe yourself could be just you.

    It isn't a positive sign to let things get deep inside you. After all life is short, with 60 odd birthdays throughout your life to miss one. Be it with a bunch of people or just yourself, wear a big smile and enjoy your birthday, for life will surprise you in different other ways. Staring at the mirror and looking at yourself and realizing how much you've changed all through these years can just make your day. Don't forget to smile :)

*Wishing myself a very happy 19th again :D * *does a little happy dance*

 August 1, 1994 :)


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  1. Sounds interesting :D Belated Happy Birthday :)

  2. Nice write up. Happy Birthday :)

  3. I would be really honest and tell that i hate my birthday.Because i cry everytime no matter what leaving behind my 16th birthday.And i turned 19 this june and was surprised this time because people actually remembered my birthday and wished me,some even a day before :P belated happy birthday to you :)
    What were the gifts? ;)
    P.S.-thank you so much for visiting my blog and for that wonderful comment :)

    1. Why do you cry on your birthday? :/ And yay we're both 19 :D And it's great to hear people surprised you ;)
      oh, the gifts were a lot! but remembering my birthday is the greatest gift :D


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