The Mars and The Venus.


    "Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus". "People of the opposite gender cannot be friends for a long time".  I hear people citing these 'quotes' often. I can prove it wrong because honey, according to you I am from Venus and I can very well survive on the Mars.
     Hailing from a place where the only men I knew were my cousins and my dad. I never had guy friends until I was seventeen. Initially I found it weird to get along with the boys in college, I had thought I couldn't mingle with them.But then to contradict my thoughts, there appeared a magical person, my partner in crime, who totally made me change my mind. I realized boys are no aliens. They're just normal people. I was easily able to socialize with them, like I did with the girls.
adorable :D

   The reasons why boys aren't bad at all, these imply only if you're best friends with them :D

  • Your secrets are safe with them, they don't spill it out unlike other girls do. 
  • Even if they nag you and make fun of you all the time, they never give up on you in front of others.
  • You don't have to carry something heavy, they always lend a helping hand. 
  • They are perfect bitching partners, you can forget the fear of them spilling the beans to the most irrelevant people. They're good listeners. 
  • They stand by you all the time, when the worst happens they got your back. 
  • Our superheroes come to the rescue anytime and anywhere. 
  • There is no such thing as ego, fights don't continue on long term basis *conditions apply. 
  • They notice everything about you and they give you honest reviews. *only if they don't a bad taste.
  • And you can feel secure, because they drop you when it gets late.
  • They are fun, you keep laughing most of the time they're around. 

     When there is a good side there is also a darker one. This is why I say boys are confusing creatures. 

  • They reply super late to your text messages, they are busy most of the time.
  • The nagging part gets intense sometimes, it hurts. 
  • The comparison with the other 'good looking' girls sucks. 
  • They play xbox and ps3 even when they know you're not familiar with navigating the joy stick.
  • Sometimes they're such gluttons, they empty your lunch as well as theirs and you're left with nothing, but starvation.
  • They get super possessive, which at times is a disadvantage. 
            Thoughts may not always collide, but opposites attract. Misunderstandings are unnecessary. :/

      The one best thing about them is that , whatever you fight about they don't like it to last longer. It is always going to get better with them . You can wear a smile on your lips and proudly call them your friends.However confusing they might be, they are always the best companions. 

     Whenever there is a misunderstanding,my friend sort it out because the best is always awaiting for you. I'm a girl and I can very well survive with these aliens, boys they call them, "you cant live with them, but you cant live without them" . The battle of the sexes will continue but they cannot make it without each other. For life will never be fun. You fight with each other but you cant live without each other.

         I wrote this from my point of view, with no intention to hurt anyone :P and I love you meano, thanks for the inspiration :D



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  1. Haha how true is this!
    I was from a girls school as well and I, too, was shy around guys but now one of my closest friends is a guy! And yes they are pretty immature as times, you can't help but see through it to their nicer sides...

    1. Yeah that's true, I don't understand why girls in college are weirdos :/ so I've to stick to the boys! they're so much better!


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