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          Imagination at its peak in a dream conversation I always wanted to have, now thanks to IndiBlogger and WeChat for helping me tap it out of my witty brain. I had to pick five or more people whom I would love to talk to, and have them in a group conversation, seriously?, Blissful.
         I've always wanted to talk to my future grandchild, I want it to be a girl so that our thoughts would collide.I'm unsure whether I'll still be existing,when she is my age. So I decide to have this conversation with her right now. And why not introduce to her the characters and people who never ceased to amaze me.

      Then I bring to her these amazing people, in a group chat, where these people tell her why they make a teenager's life worthwhile.

Sidney Sheldon: A great novelist, whose books conjures one into a magical world or suspense and thrill. A great person whose books an eighteen year old must be reading.

Taylor Swift: A talented singer and a songwriter. A favourite on every girl's playlist.

Jhonny Depp: A versatile actor,of the Willi Wonka,Jack Sparrow,Mad hatter,Sweeney Todd fame.I Never miss any movie of his.

Barney Stinson: My favourite character from a television series. His witty humor and sense of timing is Legen...Dary!

My Grandchild: A person whom I would love to share all my stories with and fill my geriatric soul with joy and colors.

                                         You've invited PunkPrincess,SidneySheldon,Taylorswift,JhonnyDepp,
                                                 BraneyStinson for a group chat. 

                                                                                                                                                         Me: Hello Everyone!

    PunkPrincess: Nanna?!?!? yew look so young! ;o                                                                                                  


         Me: oh, honey yes I'm eighteen now and it feels amazing to talk to someone I am going to love from the future!And I would like you to meet these people.

PunkPrincess: this iz awesum, nanna,to talk to the teenage version of yew!And I'd luv to meet em! ;o

Sidney Sheldon: Hey Kid, You need to have a check on your spellings! Stop ruining the English language.

                                                                            Me: Mr.Sheldon, I'm a great Fan.That's the texting slang, sir.

Sidney Sheldon: Duh, Kids these days are annoying with the incorrect spelling and grammar!

PunkPrincess: Tatz the trend! sigh! :x :x
                                                                   Me: Honey, respect him! He's a great writer!Catch hold of reading                                                            his books, they're awesome.

PunkPrincess: ummm, okie, If you say so! Naice meetin ya Mr.sheldon :P

Barney Stinson: Think of me like yoda, instead of green,I wear suits, I'm your Bro- , Broda!

                                                                                                     Me : Honey, meet Mr.Stinson, he's legendary!                                                            
Taylor Swift: [audio clip] hey guys. :D

Barney Stinson: Oh yes,I'm Legend.. Wait for it.. Dary!

PunkPrincess: Hez Funny!xD hey Taylor, you sound awesum!

Me: Princess, He is hilarious indeed, you have to watch his show. And Taylor has an amazing voice,she writes her                               own songs,a talented young lady!

Jhonny Depp: *does the mad hatter dance*

PunkPrincess: Tatz naice.

                                Me: Mr.Depp,You've embellished the movie with that dance, it's a pleasure talking to you.Honey,He is my favourite  actor,he is very entertaining, do watch his movies, you'll love him.

Sidney Sheldon: Watch your spellings, Kid.

Jhonny Depp: My pleasure, kids.Entertaining people is my profession.

Taylor swift: Awww, that was so sweet of you.

PunkPrincess: Okie, Mr.Sheldon :/. Nanna Seems like you've had an amazing time as a
                                                                   Me: Yes darling, It was fun and lively.You might call it old school.                                                                      But old school is never bad.

PunkPrincess: I would like to experience all this good stuff. Hope it will be entertaining!

Sidney Sheldon: A good entertainment never gets old!

                                                                        Me: So true ,Mr.Sheldon.It was so good talking to you people.                                                                                            Have a good day princess.        

PunkPrincess: Bye nanna!Maybe, just like WeChat is still being used! :) :)

     And I feel quite good after this conversation on my mind :)


This post is my entry for the IndiBlogger's  WeChat, the new way to connect contest :)

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  1. Haha I haven't tried using wechat yet but this was an interesting post..
    I would have loved if you had included Chandler Bing instead of Barry Stinson..but let's just accept it.. the chat was pretty Legen-dary! :D :)

  2. :D That was one nice conversation indeed!!
    Having your grand child involved added soul to it!!
    Nice ...like it!!
    All luck for the contest!

  3. wowow I loved this :)
    Punk princess is so cute and natural, Hope u hav such conversations in future :)
    Sydney sheldon , johny depp -- -me too big fan
    LOVED the way u thot all this


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