We live, We love and we lose


                 We are born out of a mother's struggle, we are loved by bunch of people meant for us. We in turn love them as much as we love ourselves and bond with them, they become a part of ourselves. There might be a number of people we meet everyday, but not many succeed to make an impression, leaving their names etched in our hearts forever. Finally when we are confined within certain bounds, it's these people who will remain with us. We start to love them more each day, they form a vital part of our lives. Life is bliss, and the beautiful shades of every season brings a wide smile on our lips.
               But as I always say, life is unfair, it wants the smile to fade away. Right when your kites of happiness soar high into the sky, it decides to cut down a string, taking away one of your most valuable possession. Leaving you broken. Life is a greedy bitch, clenching away your possessions and calling it "destiny" . It's just difficult to accept the fact that all you have got at the moment is just memories. At times it takes a lot of effort to move on.

            My best friend's mother left us this morning, leaving her with excruciating agony. I'm left clueless, not knowing how to comfort her. I do not know how it would feel to wake up and stare at the emptiness of the house.
           I have got no idea, why life has to be so iniquitous,and leave us with no answers. And they say " It's Fate" . In this world sometimes we laugh, sometimes we cry. Finally we are left with nothing. 

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  1. Very touching post.... one of my friend also lost her mother and I wrote a very similar post as a tribute for her.

    No words to describe the pain...

  2. That is the way of life...We live We love We lose..
    But still life has to move on...Comfort your friend so that she can Live and Love again...

    1. Yeah, but sometimes it's just difficult to forget :/
      And I will :)

  3. Well portrayed, the sheer pain of losing someone close to you ...

  4. Death is Absolute!
    I am sorry for your friend's loss which can never be replaced and so is almost everything in life .. times go never to come back .. and that is the only reason .. we need to move on.. as we are on escalator called LIFE.. it will neither stop nor will it allow us for a long time ..


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