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           I always have few dreadful, eerie ideas popping up in my mind. WeChat has given me a blissful opportunity to have a conversation with five or more people 'imaginary,fictional,dead or alive'. So I thought, why not bring in 'my avengers', the most scandalous and weird people, in my dream movie.This is a conversation where I try to convince these people to reveal their secrets,wanting to make it big in the tinsel town.

And the people are:
Marilyn Monroe: A talented actress,singer,model and well known as a sex symbol. She was an idol to a thousands of women out there, and she still is. But she died mysteriously. Why would such a strong woman end her life abruptly?
Theodore Robert Bundy(Ted Bundy): The popular American serial killer,rapist,kidnapper.He was smart and attractive, but he remained socially challenged.The end of a relationship might not want to turn someone into a serial killer.Why did he kill so many innocent young women?
Adolf Hitler: The most famous dictator and most hated personality in the history. A person responsible for six million deaths,why did he hate them so much?And Finally he had killed himself. The most unexpected from the brave.
Lady Gaga: Her wardrobe in a way astonishes me. I simply want to ask her what inspires her to come up with such outfits.Every movie requires this humor quotient right?
Lord Voldemort: My favourite antagonist and a powerful villain in literature. I've been longing to ask him if he had given a thought for falling in love! :D

          All the dialogues in the below conversations are imaginary and a few are cited quotes by the personalities themselves and a few assumptions made by myself, I have no intention to ridicule anyone.

       That was so much fun indeed, I cannot wait to do it again. With a script in progress, I try to give it a shot and do my best, and flourish with great colours :) Thanks to WeChat for making this happen.

Time to get back to reality.

  Let's talk about why I love WeChat!

  WeChat is a marvelous add on to all the smartphones out there. Gone are the days, When we had to make phone calls to talk to people overseas,where it also costed a lot.But now, with the voice chat feature WeChat has Bridged the wide gap of communication. Indeed it's free of cost and simple with it's user friendly interface. WeChat keeps you connected with your loved ones. You can share pictures and voices messages anytime and from anywhere.
  WeChat also offers a funky range of smileys! Referred to as emotion,it's cuteness personified.A real treat to those people who are not the long-typers with a very wide choice to express their emotions!
  The Group Chat is a very efficient feature! serves a lot of purpose. Gives that dimension to atleast give me certain hope of establishing that conference with my dream five :D
   Also available is the facebook connectivity! Provides the option of signing in through one's facebook account itself!
   The chat history is recorded! Chat history backup could be used to revive unforgettable moments and save them to relish!
   As a Kid I loved walkie Talkies And yeah? Do we have a worldwide walkie talkie here? I guess so!       Another exciting prospect, the Live chat option! Just start a live chat session and go crazy shouting out with your friends! Uncongested talk guaranteed though, because you gotta go one at a time :D

A splendid invention,with amazing features.
It is a fun-filled application,With the never before, mind blowing features like,
Shake: Simply shake your phone and find a new friend :D
Drift Bottle: Write a message and throw it in the sea,wait for someone to pick it up. Quite adventurous and so much fun.
Look around: Find friends from within a few friends from your place.
These are some fascinating features which truly intrigue me. Once simply cannot stay away from using this application.

It's a piece of cupcake on my windows phone :D

Get WeChat right away and you'll never get bored of it, Trust me :D

This post is my official entry for the IndiBlogger's , WeChat The new way to connect (WeChat's YouTube channel) contest :)




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  1. tat was fab d i laughed my lungs out ...voldemorts parseltongue is lady gagas next song wow im impressed ......loved this one specially bellatrix outfit fancies lady gaga woooooooooow waiting for the movie too ;)

  2. @Esctasy : Ur user name suits u. The way u enthusiastically weave ur thoughts is worth applause!
    How come we both used Marilyn. I was thinking about the mysterious deaths too !
    THanks for visiting my blog. Your comment made my day. I wrote another fun post - A conversation with Khans. If you have time do read it :) Thanks

    1. It was a coincidence! And I was surprised to see my choice of people on other posts too :D
      And sure I will read it :D

  3. LOL nice post!!
    I have strong belief though that there was something going on between Bellatrix and Voldemort :P
    He literally gave her a piece of his soul!

    1. Thank you :)
      I know, every time he touches her you must look at her expressions :P

  4. I laughed out loud at the idea of lady gaga's next song from voldy's parseltongue.. brilliant post..:D

    all the very best, Ecstasy... like your blissful name.. :-)


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