And then she made her smile.


               She was deeply depressed, every song she listened to made her want to shed a tear. The mistakes she made dominated her brighter side. The wrong people she chose to be with, even if they're nothing now, memories refuse to fade away. It eclipsed her happiness.

               She blamed her fate. She thought life was after all meant to teach her new lessons. She did not want to think about anything. A fiasco of relationships. Right when she did not want to trust anyone. Right when she felt desolated, she heard a voice. It was her favourite, right from kindergarten.

                "Now don't you dare to look gloomy" . It was her best friend. The one who had been there for her for the past fourteen years, and will be there for an eternity.

                   "Now wash your face and we are going for a walk", She heard her friend order, she was nonchalant and din't want to move. "You're going to get up from there now, aren't you?" , her friend said sternly. She moved immediately as she didn't want to listen to all the advise later.

                     She always loved to walk with her beloved bestie. Those long walks were refreshing and filled with laughter. Now, as they walked together hand in hand, her favourite voice said "There might be a lot of people who betray you, but they're the 'the cherries on you sundae' aren't they? would you just ignore them and finish your sundae and smile at the sweetness of your ice cream. You are to be loved, you are effervescent, spread the joy and don't frown at the past. Smile, for in your life you're not a loser, you're a lover. Live every single moment with a grin on your face and that blush on your cheek, you are beautiful" . These words, they reflected deep down and touched her totally, she hugged her friend and tears of joy rolled down her eyes and smeared her cheeks. She grasped her hand and they walked down the lonely street. All smiles

                   There is always someone in your life to bring you up, when you fall down. They are meant to be your true soul mates. Not many believe that friends are forever. But for me it's forever and always.

                  Dedicated to Harini. You are truely awesome. I love you! :)           

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  1. love u so much honeybunch!! more than u ever know:):)u r t person who both loves me n irritates me t most :P but I'd rather go mad tan stayin away frm u :D mmuuaaahhh :*:*:*

  2. awwww <3 :') this is so sweet!! i just love the way you have written!! especially the ice cream sundae!! :D :D that's defo harini


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