The Two-faced,reality.


                 People are strange. We're often appalled with the emptiness overflowing from inside, in the quest to try to understand people. Life cannot get any worse when people are uncertain. It's pretty arduous when someone tries to be the 'little-miss-perfect' on your face, but stabs you with a 10 inch dagger from behind. Their true colours have to be unleashed at a point of time.

                Why is it hard for people to be real? The silly laughter, the nonstop talks, they were all a lie. Friendship made of fake promises.Dreams shattered. Promises broken.Trust shattered.Why couldn't one keep it real, rather making it a dramatic debacle.

             People you think are flawed are the flawless ones. A book cannot be judged by it's cover. Our Life is defined by the people we attach ourselves with. They leave so many impressions. A few make the most impeccable memories. A few have to be forgotten along the long haul.

              We tend to land in a chaotic battle with our sanity, we forget and forgive, even when the arrows hits our hearts and digs the grave of emotional disrupt. Sometimes we build sand castles, the wind shatters it, yet we try again. Life is uncertain, yet we move on. Few relationships leave you with strands of negativity.Of all the downfalls we still decide to fall in love with a few.

         If we have something one could not defy, It's our sanity. Our life. We dont have to put on a combat on the defiance of our sanity, It is our life. Being nonchalant helps. We are to love our life. Unleash the effervescent soul. Love life and Love every moment that's ticking.

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