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                 She is killed in the womb,or thrown away after birth.They end her life,abruptly.They think she is a burden.Abused, Raped, Abducted,Insulted, a woman goes through a disastrous journey of life. There is no place in this world, where she feels she is safe. She cannot be confined within four walls. She has every right to enjoy her liberty. She loses faith in humanity, if the ones she love make her feel insecure. After all, she expects some respect.

                      She was in the ninth grade,when she boarded a bus, when she caught an aged man,staring at her breasts.She was terrified. She got on an auto rickshaw and the driver keeps staring at her through the rear-view mirror, like she paid to be stared at. She wasn't a material for him to seek pleasure. 
                      She walks back home from the bus stop, she is followed by a stranger at the bus stop, she literally runs and gets away. She has to tolerate the dirt in the society.She is touched inappropriately, in trains and buses, in malls and on the roads. She feels unclean and petrified. 

                    She is teased by a bunch of teenagers, no matter how she is dressed. They say, her clothes provoke men. But no, the fact that she is a woman provokes them, not her clothes.

                    When she grows up,She is ill-treated by her husband .He pours coffee on her legs, Just because she had crossed her legs,when she was with him. She couldn't rise up and seek justice, she felt it wasn't right, After all she had loved him.
                       A woman  raped in a moving bus, in the capital city of India. People blame her clothes, People blame the city. People will remain the same,so will the men. A five year old cannot provoke a man.Their temptations have no limit. I am appalled by the iniquitous minds of the society and our justice. Being a girl, I am abashed by the harshness of this world. The justice does no justice to the woman, I think. A 52 year old man, was bailed for Rs.30,000, even after having raped 3 physically challenged women. Is this all our law is capable of? A sum of 30,000 instead of castrating the fool?
                She is unsafe at home.She buys her in-laws with the dowry they expect.For,she pays to be tortured.She is doomed when,she is expected to raise a family, look after her career, complete all her chores on time. She is left with no choice. After being so dutiful, all she receives is disrespect and abuse. She is physically abused and mentally tortured.She is debased in terms of her liberty. She is treated as a machine that would work for free.Before,she was killed after the husband dies, today she is killed every single day. The morale of the society is diminishing. It is sad that humanity is losing faith in itself.

              I believe in feminism. Being a teenager terrified, by the reality of the society, after a few personal experiences, I believe it's time to fight back against the filth. The days are not far off when women empowerment will hit the society. For that to happen, I wish every woman in this country will stand up and fight back, for her rights and liberty . "And clench her fist against the evil that clenches her freedom"

            The domestic violence act  must be taken into serious consideration, a crime exhibited in anyway is a crime.No matter how big or small it is. Hopefully, women become independent and strong,than they are at present.Outgrow the fear and rise like the effulgent sun so that the darkness will diminish.

           Being an individual, awareness is all that I can bring about among my people,in the form of words.In someway making men of our society realize, they have to respect woman,if they have to be respected. I don't think my voice will reach great heights, but every tiny drop makes a deep ocean.

                   I am elated about my contribution towards Bell bajao by break through(breakthrough.org) brought about by the Indiblogger's Indichange .

Glad that my voice will matter for a change. :D

                All the incidents cited above are not imaginary and the pictures are taken from google.       

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  1. \m/
    Change starts from self...but it needs to reach the other part!
    So much to be concerned about...so much to repent of!! Walking the talk is the only option left!!
    Brilliantly articulated!! Like like!! :)

    1. Yeah, only thing we could do as individuals! :)
      Thank you :D

  2. How true!
    I have always wondered how men could live with themselves after doing something so inhuman but then I realized that they don't even consider it as a crime...
    Somehow, somewhere, even though I believe that others are not to be blamed, majority of the problem is because of the parents, their parents and our whole society as one..
    Little things affect the mind of young people...like how a girl is often told by her parents to not wear 'those types of clothes'. Hell some parents even stop their girls from wearing sleeveless clothes! Wtf? A pair of bare ARMS is inappropriate?!
    Often these girls have brothers who then learn to believe that girls who wear *revealing* clothes deserve to get teased. Little things like these have turned our society in a men-centered hell...

    I can go on and on about this...I am a feminist too ... but I will stop :p

    Well written, I must say! Makes the reader think about so many things that's wrong with our society..

    Love xxxx

    1. Yup,They wouldn't do it if the victims were his mother or sister,
      Innocent always become a prey for this society's greed in one way or the other,
      Their parent's couldn't be blamed, getting corrupted is their choice:/
      Parents are just over protective at times, and that is no bad, but we lose our liberty to chose what we want :(
      And people make fun,we just gotta ignore all the crap!
      We will rule the world one day or the other :D not to far! :D
      I am glad if it does make people think about something which is wrong and totally awkward!

      Thanks a ton for the love and your time :D

    2. "Who run the world? GIRLS!"
      Beyonce knows right ;)

  3. Also, where can I vote for this article in indiblogger? Link please ❤

  4. Good post, very well expressed.

    Change is the only immortal thing in this world. But, change should start from the self, from you, from me and from us.

    1. Thank you so much :D
      And yeah that's true :) every individual is responsible :)


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