Life is a play.



The world is my stage,where my fate directs the play 'My life'. Incidentally it is a presumptuous act,where i'm forced to succumb to this harsh reality. I prefer staying off the spotlight, the illusion of life is confounding.

 I act. Pretend everything is fine. Stick to the circumstances. Not wanting to see the truth, I am well aware something is missing. I build castles in the air, when it is ready to be occupied, I realize the non-existence of it. I move on, with the satisfaction of the beautiful picture of it on my mind. It seems like a labyrinth. Why isn't reality less complicated? . I soothe myself , that reality isn't bad. For that is all we've all got.

  Behind those masked faces, who are we deep inside? The genuine soul behind every actor. I am appalled, debased and demeaned at times by the harsh reality. Things keep changing, people change. It is never stationary. It keeps moving. My head spins. We try to hide the truth. Must I put on the mask? Fake a smile? when I'm lost in the labyrinth of ambivalent properties.

  Waiting to know what is the reason for my existence, I wear the mask. Trying to take 'false-truth'. And yeah, faking a smile. I decide to give my participation in this play. That is the only choice I'm left with.

  It keeps continuing. It seems endless. Life is unfair as always. But the play has to go on.

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  1. Amazing flow of words baby... :)

  2. Great work :)
    Unfortunately, you must take it as it goes :D

  3. reasons are many .. and reason is one.. be happy not at the cost of anyone :) admirable post!


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