Dear self, 

Another year has faded away,

Leaving behind nothing but memories,
As the journey through a fresh year has started,
I have a few amendments to be made.

I am not gonna change the world,

Nor am I gonna change,
I'll rather live a little joyously,
Live a love that matters.

I would dance a li

When I'm happy,
I would scream a little,
When I'm upset.

I want to stand on the shore

And feel the sand between my toes,
I want to feel the fresh air 
Breezing it's way through me.

I want to write until it makes sense

And write every feeling and thought,
I want to sing soulfully,
And Love blissfully.

I know this year would be no different,

I would paint myself different colours,
I would open up,
If I am lost, I would be found.

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