An enchanting proposal.


       He laid down there like a famished child in it's crib unfed for days.He was desperate for her call,the sound of her voice,the touch of her soft skin. He was tired of the drama. Solitude started obliterating him. He was imprisoned by her thoughts and her beauty. After that night, the unwanted argumenthey had, she left him without a word and love was shattered. He wanted to fix it up. Deep inside his heart he knew she was the one for him. And he knew that she felthe same too. 

       Grabbing some courage, he collected the wedding ring and galloped to the cafe she has her evening tea at. He stopped athe door and noticed her gently sipping her cup of tea.Her very sight enchanted him into a conjuring world of love.She didn't seem quite happy,they were both incomplete without each other. He seemed very turbulent, taking a deep breath he walked towards her table. She saw him walk towards her, he could sense a glow in her eye. He wanted his wedding proposal to be the way she wanted, all fancy like in movies. But he couldn't avoid offering her his hand the very moment. There were a lot of thoughts running on his mind, her eyes were captivating and distracting, he tried to focus. 

           He stared at her eyes,she looked confused. "I am sorry, for that night", he said in his nervous voice. She looked down and whined, "A sorry?". " This week seemed never ending, I have been incomplete without you" he said. " I don'think you are ready for the long haul",she sighed. Without giving it a second thought he bent down on his knees and pulled outhe ring and said "Will you.." , he paused, ".. marry me?". Her eyes sparkled but she hesitated, "Why should I?", she said with a tear in her eye. "I wan'to marry you because you're the first person I wanto see when I wake up and the last person I wanto see before I sleep.I wanto hold those hands forever and if you could ever love someone as much as I love you, that could be the only you you could do all your life, so will you marry me?",he said withoutaking a breath. He held her hand and whispered " I am deeply sorry and I love you and I always will", she stretched her arm and he gently slid the ring up her finger. " I am ready for the long haul", he chuckled. She smiled and whispered," I will, I will hold your hand forever and I love you" . They were holding hands as they walked out of the cafe. She stopped and looked at him " You easily manipulate me, don't you? " , she teased him . " No, You love me don't you?" he chuckled as he embraced her in his arms and kissed her. 


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  1. That was some writer's stuff ;)
    So, what is your novel's name Harshini? :)
    Would love to read it O:)

    1. I'm moved by this comment :D
      And I don't think this is pure novel stuff! I gotta grow more! :D
      And I'll let you know when I come up with one such book!
      And I'll let you name it :))


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