The Last Kiss.



"She is barely alive
He saw it in her eye,
She is totally broken into a thousand pieces
He read it on her lips,
She wanted to live
She faked to look nonchalant,
Inside she tried.

He din't want to see her broken,
He din't want to see her in pain,
He wanted to save her,
He loved,he cared,
He tried.

He kissed her softly letting her know he was there for her,
Embraced in his arms,
He felt her go,
He couldn't cry,
For she left with a smile." 

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  1. I can relate this to recent events :P of losing :P

    Btw ! VEry very impressive ! :D Totally touched by the feel of these verses :')

  2. Felt like I was reading a summary poem of a book...Beautiful one :)

  3. wonderful poem, checkout my blog at

  4. awesome!!! so much emotions in very little lines!! lovin this
    way to go baby!!!!


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